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The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative exists to catalyze development of Global Responsibility in leadership and practice worldwide. Founded 2004.


  • Alvaro Porta

    Alvaro Porta

    Educación, emprendimiento, gestión, innovación, responsabilidad social, comercio y desarrollo.

  • Chris Taylor

    Chris Taylor

    Eco-poet, Sacred Revolutionary, Mentor to the Next Generation of World-Changers, Tai Chi Practitioner, Composter and Fruit Tree Steward.

  • Ambreen Waheed

    Ambreen Waheed

  • Jackie Bagnall

    Jackie Bagnall

  • Dimple Bangalore

    Dimple Bangalore

    Student at Columbia University, Fellow at Education Pioneers and EdSurge Independent, Young India Fellow, 2014

  • Bob Carstensen

    Bob Carstensen

  • Patrick Doherty

    Patrick Doherty

    Founder, Long Haul Capital Group; Co-Author, | Co-Director, Strategic Innovation Lab, Case Western Reserve University.

  • David F. Murphy

    David F. Murphy

    Sustainability leader, collaborator, educator, partnering provocateur & native Newfoundlander, Initiative for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS) @CumbriaUni

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