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The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative exists to catalyze development of Global Responsibility in leadership and practice worldwide. Founded 2004.

GRLI Community invited to design, contribute and co-create an assessment tool for progress on diversity in Higher Education institutions

By Anicia Jaegler, Professor and Associate dean for inclusivity, KEDGE Business School

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash showing a line of brightly colored pencils lined up at different heights

We’re pleased to share this invitation to co-create a new inclusivity index for higher education institutions from Anicia Jaegler, at Kedge Business School, a GRLI institutional partner. Contact Anicia Jaegler at to explore a collaboration.

Inclusivity is quickly becoming one of the most challenging current issues of higher education because of changing demographics, growth of emerging countries, geopolitical issues, new laws, and policies. Inclusivity is also having an impact on how successful higher education is at preparing students for the society and work environment of today and…

Virtual internship programs open doors to international work experience

Photo by Surface on Unsplash — Woman with curly hair sitting on blue couch, smiling and gesturing to an open laptop computer on her lap

Recently John North spoke with Andy Dillow, CEO of The Intern Group (TIG) about the importance of helping students everywhere realise their potential by gaining international work experience either virtually or in-person. While the world of work is evolving, the pipeline of emerging talent to fill new roles — traditionally through internships — has not. During their conversation, Dillow shared his own and his team’s experience with supporting talented people to succeed in their careers, no matter where they start. We’re pleased to share this conversation as a reflection of business model innovation that embraces whole-person learning approaches, an “I…

LMU EMBA Virtual Indigenous Immersion

By Kelly Watson, part-time Lecturer and Executive in Residence at the Loyola Marymount University College of Business Administration.

We’re pleased to share this reflection on an experiential learning approach that became an inspired response to COVID-19 travel restrictions. The LMU EMBA students embraced the use of Virtual Reality technology and connected with Indigenous and under-served community leaders as a model for conscientious international business expansion.

Loyola Marymount University is an GRLI institutional partner, under the leadership of Dean Dayle Smith. Watson can be reached at

Screenshot of a daily debrief meeting using the Spatial virtual reality app.

Solving the challenge of travel and meeting restrictions
The global pandemic created a difficult set…

Opens Jan 2022 in Lisbon, offered by ISCTE Executive Education in partnership with ISCTE Business School

GRLI Partner ISCTE has announced a new MBA in sustainable management, accredited by AMBA, and aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals to prepare leaders who will help move the 2030 Agenda forward.

As director of the MBA in Sustainable Management, Ana Simaens seeks discussion about potential collaborations for the program with other GRLI Partners and Associates. She also encourages GRLI colleagues to spread the word to potential international student participants.

According to Ana, “This program is created from scratch to provide a unique way to combine a strong and scientific and practical component in the areas of management and sustainability…

Deadline 31 October 2021 for abstracts and presentations

Responsible Leadership Reimaged Conference

The GRLI is pleased to announce and support a Call for Papers for the 16–18 March 2022 “Responsible Leadership Reimagined Conference, to be held at the Spier Conference Centre, University of Business School, South Africa.

The Responsible Leadership Reimagined Conference will be hosted by the USB Centre for Responsible Leadership Studies, in collaboration with the Allan Gray Centre for Values-based Leadership (University of Cape Town), the Albert Luthuli Leadership Institute (University of Pretoria) and the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative.

The Responsible Leadership Reimagined Conference is an event that seeks to address important questions about responsible leadership, and encourage further research…

Learn more in monthly 30-minute virtual information sessions; starting 4 August

From Eban Goodstein, Executive Director, Bard Graduate Programs in Sustainability

Calling all Climate-Concerned Educators, Students and Community Members!

Information sessions for the 30 March 2022 Teach-In are Held Monthly

On March 30, 2022, over 1,000 Colleges, Universities, High Schools and K-8 schools worldwide will engage over half a million people, online and in-person, in a one-day Teach-In on climate solutions and justice in the transition.

Educators are invited a 30-minute virtual information sessions (lots of time zone options) to learn how to easily organize a three-hour teach-in on their campus. …

An Interview with Professor Nicola Pless

A recent conversation between John North, GRLI Executive Director and Professor Nicola Pless offers key findings from the 2021 Journal of Change Management article reflecting on the role that leadership has played in the response to the global Covid-19 crisis. The article is co-authored by Thomas Maak, Nicola M. Pless & Franz Wohlgezogen. See full citation below.

John North: What is your article about?

Nicola Pless: The article compares functional and responsible approaches of political leadership to the Covid-19 crisis with dysfunctional and irresponsible ones.

We contrasted the pandemic leadership of Jacinda Ardern, Prime…

Three routes to engage with the ‘hidden potential’ of the SDGs in the context of management education and leadership development

By Lars Moratis and Frans Melissen, holders of the Chair in Management Education for Sustainability, a joint initiative by Antwerp Management School and Breda University of Applied Sciences.

REGISTER: 14 OCT 2021 Courageous Conversation

The SDGs with an illustration of a map of the world
The UN Sustainable Development Goals

The GRLI is pleased to announce a 14 October event at 1500 CEST with Lars Moratis exploring the major points explored in the following article on the hidden potential embedded in teaching the SDGs. Look for an invitation to register via email and on Twitter.

With the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) having become a central point of reference for businesses worldwide that aspire to address grand…

By Claire Maxwell, GRLI Board Chair

Expressions of interest and nominations due by 10 May 2021

A key pathway of our work is taking care of the GRLI vehicle by ensuring exemplary governance and financial management of the Foundation.

Here in the UK Spring has arrived, bringing with it a spirit of renewal and resurgence, colour has returned to the landscape and, in the far North of England, the briefest, most welcome hint of warmth is in the air. Whilst it must be acknowledged that not all Partners are experiencing this particular seasonal change, all of us are on the cusp of moving into a different landscape, experiencing the natural, rhythmical shifts of energy, of light and shade.

This sense of being connected through nature, through our shared experiences…

Learnings from the 22 Feb RME Affinity Group Session at the 2021 AACSB Deans Conference

2021 AACSB Deans Conference

The largest global event for Deans, the 2021 AACSB Deans Conference theme of ‘Leading for Impact’ was notable both for the COVID-19 pandemic and AACSB’s July 2020 adoption of the new standard 9 for engagement and societal impact. The 22 February Responsible Management Education (RME) Affinity Group was a side event of the Conference and facilitated and hosted by GRLI Executive Director John North alongside RME Affinity Group Chair Cathy DuBois, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Graduate and Online Programs at Kent State University’s College of Business Administration.

The Affinity Group meeting kicked-off with perspectives from four global deans on the…


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